Going Places: GoMedia’s Roger Matthews on enhancing the passenger experience

GoMedia was born in 2015 out of a simple desire to make time spent on transport better, believing an improved onboard experience would in turn improve overall customer satisfaction.

In February 2016, GoMedia launched with its first client, Eurostar, and a few months later with Virgin Trains. Since then they have added six more clients including National Express Coaches and TransPennine Express, and additional services. It was a natural evolution to add information services to the offering to keep passengers up to date on the progress of their current journey and help them plan their onward travel. With clients including Sky and NowTV, GoMedia are, if you excuse the pun, going places – but is what they are offering a form of MaaS? How smart-city-wide could the technology be pushed…or pulled? Roger Matthews, GoMedia’s founder and CEO, has the answers.

Click HERE to listen to Roger’s conversation with Kevin Borras.