Get Jakarta: Intertraffic Indonesia Imminent

As the world’s fourth most populous country, the security, safety, order and smoothness of traffic has become a big dilemma in Indonesia. Jakarta especially, which ranked 12th on the most congested cities in the world according to INRIX, is on the midst of finding solutions to manage the city’s traffic in order to create a safe, organised, and adequate traffic situation with a goal to reduce traffic accidents.

As a starting point, technology utilization must take place which is why the Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) system application is undergoing a trial phase in Jakarta. This system is using high-tech Close Circuit Television (CCTV) that records traffic violations, captures the suspect, recognizes the vehicle number, and then connects the information to the back office of Polda Metro Jaya (Jakarta Region Police Office).

This, amongst other products, is a huge step in complying new technologies in traffic management in Indonesia. It shows that the government is prepared to invest in better and more effective traffic solutions; not only in Jakarta but also across the archipelago. Infrastructure developments, which reaches all industry sectors, have been high on the agenda of the President of the Indonesian Republic Joko Widodo.

In line with the government’s effort in advancing traffic management in the country, RAI Amsterdam has partnered with Tarsus Indonesia, to present Intertraffic Indonesia 2018, a globally known exhibition for the traffic and mobility industry, taking place in Jakarta from 31 October to 2 November.

“Intertraffic Indonesia 2018 is designed to provide a platform for manufacturers, importers and agents to present their products, services, and solutions for traffic management, parking, safety, smart mobility, and infrastructure. This event can be an opportunity for key players from the industry to exchange ideas, thoughts, innovations, and solutions that could help decision makers in dealing with traffic problems in Indonesia and abroad”, says Richard Butter, Director Traffic Technology at RAI Amsterdam.

Intertraffic Indonesia 2018 provides an exhibition platform with several interesting event features; there is a dedicated conference programme which offers a perfect setting for business gatherings and learning opportunities. National and international experts will present high impact topics related to smart mobility and the connection between today’s and tomorrow’s mobility. Sessions include topics such as Technologies, Infrastructures and Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities, Investment Opportunities for Road Infrastructure and Land Transportation, Traffic Management & Smart Parking – Urban Mobility and Integrated Parking, and Trends, Challenges, and Outlooks towards Urban Mobility in Indonesia.

In addition to the above, Intertraffic Indonesia 2018 provides the Global Meeting Program (GMP), a highly-effective business matchmaking programme that enables Intertraffic Indonesia exhibitors and pre-registered visitors to arrange business meetings prior to the event. The GMP includes an online tool with secure access to exhibitor and visitor business profiles, enabling users to identify prospective clients or suppliers by searching for relevant business types, suppliers of particular products/services, or buyers in need of particular products/services. All pre-arranged meetings can take place right on the show floor, at the Intertraffic Community Hub.

William Owen, Director of Tarsus Indonesia adds, “Government’s effort in handling traffic problems in Indonesia, of course, need to be supported by professionals who are experts in the industry. Therefore, we hope that Intertraffic Indonesia 2018 could produce new ideas and innovations for a better traffic.”

Intertraffic Indonesia 2018 will be held at the Jakarta International Expo along with Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2018 and Konstruksi Indonesia 2018. A bigger venue to accommodate all three events, reflects the growing infrastructure and construction needs in the country.