frontierCities2: A Progress Report

They say a week is a long time in politics – four months, therefore, is an eternity in the technology development world. However, that is how long it has been since we last spoke en masse to the Market Acceleration Grantees of the EU-funded frontierCities2 project so Thinking Cities’ Kevin Borras and Luis Hill spent two days in Brussels with the start-ups to ascertain how much further down the developmental road they had travelled.

What challenges had they faced? At what stage of the development process were they at? What makes their solution unique? And, perhaps crucially, why choose FIWARE as their solution’s IoT platform in the first place? Click on the links below to hear how the six grantees have made such encouraging progress:

Ioannis Kostopoulous – SaMMY

Gregory Eve – Green Apes

Lorenzo Modena – OpenMove

Ralf Kernchen and Lorna Parris – Save-a-Space

Johannes Wendeberg – Telocate

Etay Oren – CommuniThings