frontierCities2: A Progress Report, Part 2

When we last spoke with the frontierCities2 FITECH grantees in early October, some of their smart mobility solutions were not much beyond the “dream” stage.  But with the two-year project entering month 13 it was important to know how the grantees were progressing so Thinking Cities’ Kevin Borras and Luis Hill spent two days in Brussels with the start-ups to ascertain how much further down the developmental road they had travelled. Pleasingly, it was, in every case, an impressive distance.

What makes their solution unique in a world full of smart mobility apps? What challenges had they faced? At what stage of the development process were they at? Who were their potential customers and had that changed since the outset of the project? Had they encountered any fascinating deviations along the path? And, perhaps crucially, why choose FIWARE as their solution’s IoT platform in the first place? Click on the links below to hear how the eight grantees have made such encouraging progress:

Justin D’Atri –

Leonardo Santiago & Josep Perello – Bettair

David Gray – NowLog

Federico Lopez – Bustimize

Marco de la Feld & Lorenzo Carnevale – F(l)iware

Larri and Eric Cabañas – CiGo Logistics

Alessio Salzano & Antonio Celesti – CASMOB

Gregorio Toral, Francisco Melgar & Andoni Recabarren – CicloGreen