FREE the MIBS! Q-Free launches open technology campaign

Q-Free have laid down a challenge to all traffic signal control companies to release their Management Information Bases (MIBs) in order to speed up innovation and reduce agency costs. The challenge and accompanying campaign called FREE the MIBS (#FREEtheMIBS), follows Q-Free’s unprecedented industry move this summer to release their manufacturer-specific MIBs to the company’s Intelight MAXTIME local controller software.

“This is a greater good case and we realized quickly that this issue was much bigger than us,” said Tom Stiles, Executive Vice President of Urban Solutions for Intelight, a Q-Free brand. “When every company operates with its own standards, states, cities, and the public lose. Proprietary MIBs are stifling innovation and forcing agencies to spend unnecessary money to manage traffic efficiently. The only way to get truly smart cities is to open these MIBs up so all technology pieces can communicate with each other.”

But what are MIBs and what is their historical role in the traffic control industry? How did the FREE the MIBS campaign come about and why do they need to be freed? What has the reaction of the ITS industry been so far? And why is this particular campaign so important to the transportation industry as a whole?

Kevin Borras asks the questions, Tom Stiles has the answers – click the orange play button in the image below to listen to the conversation.