Fastlane International Backs DHL’s Role in UK Automated Truck Trials

The logistics company DHL has teamed up with truck manufacturer DAF and Ricardo to hold official trials of partially automated truck convoys on UK motorways and major highways. e-commerce delivery expert Fastlane International says that the choice of its delivery partner DHL in the trial shows how online shopping has driven the delivery industry to the forefront of technological developments.

Fastlane International’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks, MILT, says: “The growth in parcel deliveries and logistics fuelled by e-commerce is remarkable, and DHL’s participation in these new Government trials shows the industry’s commitment to faster, safer deliveries. Partially driverless truck ‘platoons’ have already been trialled on the Continent, and the aim of these trials is to discover how safe these convoys will be on busy UK motorways – which tend to have more exits than other European major roads because of Britain’s dense population.”

Adds Jinks: “The thought that some trucks in these platoons will have no driver operating them (with only the lead truck being fully under the control of a driver) may cause some concern to Britain’s motorist; but the potential fuel savings could be of significant benefit in reducing the carbon footprint of UK logistics, and it can be argued that the chances of human error are also reduced in a largely automated truck platoon. As a leading online parcel broker Fastlane International has been at the forefront of the growth in delivery technology for over 30 years, and welcomes its delivery partner DHL’s role in continuing to drive forward the advances in technology that mean that deliveries today are greener and faster than ever before.”