European Mobility Clubs evaluate VW refit following emissions scandal

FIA Mobility Clubs released today the results of emissions testing of two vehicle models affected by defeat devices: the Audi Avant 2.0 TDI and VW Golf 2.0 TDI BMT. The test results show that these two vehicle models are likely not to be adversely affected by the current recall. 
Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General, said “FIA Clubs have carried out this examination in an effort to restore consumer confidence. When the VW scandal came to light there was much uncertainty and consumers did not know who they could trust. Mobility Clubs are taking the lead to bring back consumer trust and give an independent insight into vehicle emissions. We call on manufacturers to implement technologies that limit emissions from the design phase.”
The tests, performed by FIA member Clubs ADAC, TCS and OEAMTC, focused on identifying whether or not technical adjustments, applied as part of the recall, have any impact on emission levels, fuel consumption or engine performance in the affected vehicles. The tests also examined drive-ability of the vehicles to identify any potential changes in the vehicle handling performance. The main results of the tests show no significant differences in NOX and CO2 emissions and fuel consumption when measured using the current test cycle required under European legislation (the New European Driving Cycle, NECD).   One additional point of interest from the tests also revealed that, even before the recall, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions were found to be 7-15% higher than specified by the manufacturer, as measured by the NEDC.