“Equitable and Efficient”: MaaS America Issues White Paper

MaaS America has issued the first of a two-part White Paper, ‘Thoughts on an equitable and efficient MaaS business model and Thinking Highways and Thinking Cities readers have been given an exclusive first look. Says author Tim McGuckin, CEO of MaaS America:

“This article is about Mobility as a Service, a notion that is still a relatively recent one. As such, “What is MaaS?” is still a common question.  While you can find a definition of MaaS from any number of sources, what should interest us more is who is doing the asking. What is that person or group’s explicit motivation and motive?  Whose interest does MaaS serve? The answer to the first question begins with the response, “It depends on who’s asking.””

This first part concerns who is doing the asking, what is that group’s interest in MaaS, and what could be the impacts on the business model for MaaS if those interests dominate the discourse about MaaS and how it manifests. Click HERE to read ‘Thoughts on an equitable and efficient MaaS business model . Part two to follow.