Encouraging Signs for the Future

A UK-based ITS firm is investing in the future of the sector, with an educational scheme designed to encourage school students to consider it as a future career route.

Derbyshire-based Mobile Visual Information Systems (MVIS) have launched the latest phase of its initiative, inviting students at Matlock’s Highfields School to consider the role that variable message signs (VMS) manufactured by its sister company, Bartco UK, can perform.

The new MVIS Challenge educational initiative is the latest phase of a longer-term partnership with the school, which includes annual work experience placements. One of last year’s Highfields work experience students is about to embark on a four year apprenticeship with the company, joining four other apprentices working across various departments.

Said MVIS general manager, Anne Ashman: “The ITS industry is unique, and faces a shortage of recruits beginning technical careers, armed with the precise skills required. ITS companies need to address this issue, not just for their own benefit, but for that of the sector as a whole, as it strives to help make the UK road infrastructure safer and more efficient.

“At the same time, as corporate social responsibility becomes increasingly important to companies throughout the industry, the provision of student work experience programmes is proving an effective means both of preparing young people for entry to the sector, and of supporting local communities.

“We hope that educational projects like these will give young people an idea of the kind of roles that this industry has to offer and the kind of skills required, and encourage them to consider it as a potential career route.   They are simultaneously an effective means of investing in the future of the industry and also of supporting young people in our local area.”

Enterprise and employability consultant, Gerard Liston, who worked with MVIS to deliver the MVIS Challenge, commented: “MVIS’ initiative is an excellent way not only to help students to achieve their individual learning outcomes, but also to raise their awareness about future career options.”

MVIS supplies ITS products and integrated solutions created by Bartco UK. ISO registered in quality and environmental management, MVIS delivers solar powered solutions incorporating monitoring and visual information equipment, all featuring leading-edge technology: VMS, ANPR and CCTV cameras, radar and Intellicone contactless sensor technology.

For further details, please visit www.m-vis.co.uk.