eMI3 and NEMA join forces to create interoperability and e-mobility standards for EV industry

At the end of February, eMI3, the international electric mobility industry group aimed at accelerating interoperability throughout the electric vehicle market, met in Silicon Valley for its second General Assembly.

eMI3’s key objective is to enable global interoperability and efficient implementation via a common interface language between all ICT platforms supporting electric vehicles users and the organisations providing electric mobility services. Officially established in November 2013 at EVS27 in Barcelona as an ERTICO Innovation Platform, eMI3 has attracted more than 35 private and public organisations representative of the global electric mobility market, which work together to create an agile organisation.

“Although eMI3 was initiated in Europe, we have had a global vision from the very beginning,” said Silvio Weeren, Chairman of eMI3. “I thank ChargePoint for hosting our first general assembly and welcome our newest member Recargo.”

eMI3’s works with relevant standards organisations to address electric mobility issues.  The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) created a division dedicated to these issues and is working actively to drive interoperability in North America. During the General Assembly at ChargePoint’s headquarters in Los Gatos, eMI3 and NEMA agreed to further their ongoing liaison agreement to ensure the best alignment of the two groups’ industry standards work.

“We are excited to join forces with eMI3 in the enhancement of e-mobility standards,” said Andrei Moldoveanu, Technical Director of NEMA 5EVSE working groups. “Both NEMA and eMI3 have been working together during the past year to develop and harmonise EV eMobility standards by taking the best aspects of the work from both.”