Econolite and Sensys Networks collaborate on wireless vehicle detection

Econolite and Sensys Networks yesterday announced the two companies have entered into a collaborative sales, marketing and technical initiative. As part of the initiative, Econolite will offer the Sensys Networks VDS240 Series of wireless flush-mount vehicle detection sensor products in select regional markets.

While Econolite has a proven track record of providing aboveground detection that has helped power some of the world’s most successful Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), there are many applications that require an in-ground detection solution.

“It is incumbent upon us to continually evaluate products that will benefit our customers,” said Econolite Group CEO Michael Doyle. “We feel that the Sensys Networks wireless sensor represents a high performing, less intrusive detection solution compared to other in-ground sensors. We look forward to building on this collaboration.”

Econolite and Sensys Networks have completed the development of an interface between the VDS240 sensors and the Econolite Centracs ATMS (Advanced Transportation Management System). This provides customers with an integrated user interface to leverage the enhanced vehicle detection and data collection capabilities of the VDS240 sensors.

“We are excited to team up with Econolite to better serve our growing number of mutual customers,” said Sensys Networks CEO Amine Haoui. “Wireless sensor networks represent an important new solution to improve the quality of data collection for data-driven ITS programs. With this collaboration, we will offer our customers a new level of performance and integration to enable them to optimize their road networks.”