€3.2m funding for smart mobility applications

An EU-funded Smart Mobility project is offering €3.2m for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and web-developers to come up with technological solutions to urban mobility issues in European cities.

The project, frontierCities, is part of the EU’s Future Internet programme whose objective is to support the development and deployment of Smart Mobility applications for cities using FIWARE technologies.

FIWARE is a new infrastructure for the creation and deployment of services and applications on the internet and is open alternative for developers and users of internet services.

Grants between €50 00 and € 150 000 are available. Recipients will also receive technical support, business advice and the opportunity to be paired with interested cities.

Applicants must use the FIWARE technology and/or environment to develop the application. Applications are to be submitted in two stages. The first stage should be submitted via the online platform before 14 January 2015. A full application is to then be submitted before 14 March 2014.

Story: Eltis.org     Photo by CAFNR