Deal or No Deal? How Brexit Will Affect The Transport Sector

The European Parliament recently commissioned a report into the ramifications for the transport and tourism sectors of a “No-Deal” Brexit Scenario – two of the report’s authors, José F Papí (S3Transportation) and H3B Media’s Kevin Borras discuss some of the report’s more surprising findings and finer points in a short film, shot in Brussels in late September. The report focuses on the practical consequences on the road and rail sectors and offers alternative scenarios to safeguard EU interests in the event of a No Deal scenario, which until this week at least, was looking the most likely outcome of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

To watch the video, click HERE.

To register for a downloadable copy of BREXIT, TRANSPORT & TOURISM: Consequences of a No-Deal Scenario, click HERE.

Directed by Dan Donovan @
Cameras: Dan Donovan and Andy Hughes
Sound: Andy Hughes
Filmed on location at the B19 Country Club, Brussels