Connected Vehicles Go Mainstream: A Thinking Highways Roundtable Discussion

Thinking Highways, in association with Econolite, presents the latest in its series of Roundtable Discussions, with the focus this time on Connected Vehicles: Real-World Examples and Implementation.

Why have connected vehicles suddenly gone mainstream? What has propelled them to the front pages of not just industry publications, but national and international newspapers and magazines? Just how more connected can vehicles be? What are the next steps? How important is it for autonomous vehicles to be connected? In the 10 years of Thinking Highways’ existence, what has been the single most important technological leap forward? Thinking Highways editor Kevin Borras puts these and a selection of other taxing questions to our panel of experts:

  • Gary Duncan, Econolite
  • Randy Iwasaki, Contra Costa Transportation Authority
  • Richard Bishop, Bishop Consulting
  • Peter Sweatman, University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center
  • Paul Copping, Digital Greenwich

Click HERE to listen to the Thinking Highways Roundtable Discussion, in association with Econolite.

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