Connected Vehicles – a Positive Thinking webinar

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Have we really tackled the “chicken and egg” problem – what comes first the smart car or the smart road? What’s it going to be – DSRC with 5.9 GHz or cellular with 4G? Vehicle to vehicle – will the automobile companies cooperate? Are we ready for the flood of super probe data from a connected vehicle – engine management system and high resolution activity data? The latest in our series of Positive Thinking webinars attempts to answer these questions (and many more).

Bob McQueen CEO of the 0Cash Company
Kevin Borras – H3B Media Limited

Our panel of experts:-

Shelley Row – Shelley Row Associates, LLC
Bryant Walker Smith- The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford
Alfred Tom – Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Ecosystem
Richard Bishop – International expert in ITS, specializing in the areas of IntelliDrive (“connected vehicles”)