ComNet introduces High-Throughput Wireless Ethernet Model

ComNet, a USA-based manufacturer of fiber optic, wireless and copper transmission and networking equipment, has introduced the NetWave® NW7 wireless Ethernet link that is designed for high throughput point-to-point or multi-point applications.

The NW7 supports up to 240Mbps throughput using MIMO technology and is ideal for use as a High Throughput Back Haul Link for installations that require connecting to more than one Ethernet device. It supports connected distances of greater than 2 miles in the FCC version and 4 km in the ETSI model. The NW7 is simple to use and a cost-effective alternative to physical connections to Ethernet edge equipment. The NW7 also supports IEEE802.3at PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) for powering PoE connected devices, such as IP PoE cameras and simplifying installation.

“Wireless Ethernet gives our customers an incredible amount of flexibility. Our goal of making wireless as easy as Power, Point and Play was step 1. Step 2 is to start examining different unique use scenarios and developing wireless products that solve those challenges. This high-throughput NetWave® NW7 products are the result and solves the challenge of transporting multiple devices or support the bandwidth high-definition cameras require” said Andrew Acquarulo Jr., ComNet President and COO.

“One mission at ComNet has always been to demystify transmission, be it fiber optic or Ethernet. NetWave® from ComNet simplifies wireless and gives our customers another solution”, Acquarulo concluded.

“Our goal has always been to be a one-stop resource for all our customers, offering transmission solutions over copper, optical fiber and wireless,” said Skip Haight, ComNet VP of Marketing. “We believe having a one place to turn to for USA-made quality solutions as well as an exceptional level of support will be a huge benefit for anyone implementing a transmission network,” Haight continued.