ComNet Enters Access Control Market

ComNet, the Danbury, Connecticut-based manufacturer of transmission and networking equipment, has announced its entry into the Access-Control Marketplace. ComNet is introducing two systems; the CNA100 line, a 2 to 8 door solution for smaller applications and the CNA200 for up to 32 doors for bigger applications. This effort is ComNet’s first entry into this marketplace and will be the first Access Control Product Line with the quality required to wear the ComNet brand. The CNAccess line utilizing embedded intelligence, does not require special software or a dedicated PC. This convenience allows users the flexibility to manage a system from any location with internet access. Both products support standard Wiegand devices, Schlage AD Series electronic locks, and various card formats and technologies such as proximity, smart card, magnetic stripe and Bluetooth®. The CNA100 can be easily upgraded to the capacity of the CNA200 with a simple software upgrade.

Both CNAccess products are network compatible and operate seamlessly with any ComNet IP product.

The CNAcccess line will consist of these two products as well as the complimentary line of reader interface products, proximity readers, power supplies and accessories.

According to Andrew Acquarulo Jr., ComNet CEO and President, “We’ve spent a lot of time and effort focusing on the next step in the ComNet growth cycle. We were looking for a natural extension of the business. Now that ComNet has been acquired by ACRE, we were able to source a quality product and it gave us a huge advantage in gaining an access control product line that has a great appeal.”

“The CNAccess line represents ComNet’s decision to package a quality access control product with an application specific communication solution tailored directly to our customers’ needs. It is a major undertaking, but we believe there is a great need for these products,” said Skip Haight, ComNet VP of Marketing. “Adding the CNAccess line will differentiate ComNet from other manufacturers and creates significant value for the user,” Haight concluded.