Cohda Wireless and ITS Australia put on a performance for Australian Deputy Prime Minister

Day one of the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux kicked off on Monday  with ITS Australia co-exhibitor Cohda Wireless unveiling their game changing technology in V2X connected car systems for the first time globally.

 A new technology creating immediate value for early adopters, V2X-Radar is a revolutionary product that enables connected vehicles to interact with other vehicles (V2V) or with roadside infrastructure (V2I).

Demonstrating the technology in front of Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister, The Hon. Warren Truss, as well as to the strong Australian delegation in Bordeaux for the Congress, marked a significant opportunity for Cohda – which was recognised by all.

Described as ‘disruptive technology’ by Cohda Wireless CEO Dr Paul Gray, V2X-Radar is a low-cost addition to a standard V2X system that adds radar functionality to the V2X connected car.

“This unique and innovative solution from Cohda is standards-compliant, requiring no additional hardware in a V2X-equipped vehicle and no additional on-air messages. All it needs is our software in the receiving vehicle. V2X-Radar currently works with the NXP Roadlink chipset,” Dr Gray said.

As the World Congress sets to descend to Melbourne, Australia in 2016, Cohda Wireless will join other ITS leaders including BMW, Easymile, Gewi, Intelematics, Kapsch and Q-Free to demonstrate further innovations in front of 7000 global ITS professionals next year.

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