City of Palmdale selects McCain for Traffic Management System upgrade

McCain Inc., the supply of advanced transportation solutions for safety and mobility, announced today that the City of Palmdale, California has selected Transparity TMS to update the City’s central traffic management software. It will replace McCain’s first-generation central software, which the City of Palmdale has been utilising since 2003.

The City of Palmdale elected to adopt Transparity TMS as part of a citywide effort to modernise infrastructure by leveraging innovative technology that complies with national industry standards, namely ATC and NTCIP. The upgrade will provide an increased capacity for centrally monitoring and controlling the agency’s signal communication system. In addition, engineers will be equipped with more robust data collection and analysis tools necessary for improving overall traffic flow.

“We are excited to partner with Palmdale on this landmark project showcasing the benefits of adopting industry standards and cutting-edge products,” said Nathan Welch, director of sales at McCain. “The win affirms McCain’s capabilities as a safe, reliable, and flexible provider of traffic management systems.”

The project also outlines the integration of the City of Palmdale’s signal network into the County of Los Angeles Information Exchange Network (IEN). The LA County IEN allows member agencies to connect and communicate via an open architecture, enabling the sharing of real-time intersection data and control between jurisdictions. In conjunction with McCain’s ATC eX 2070 controller and Omni eX® intersection control software, secured under the same contract, the City will also be among an exclusive group of early adopters deploying comprehensive intelligent transportation solutions based on the latest standards-compliant technology.