China’s first fully autonomous cars are cool

Look out world! Self-driving cars take to our roads for the first time! Sleek BMWs which drive themselves have hit the roads for the first time in one nation — and they’re ready to take on the world.

Scientists have spent two years developing the cars. China’s first fully autonomous cars are cool, streamlined BMW 3 Series, painted red and white for timely Christmas treats.

The vehicles, which can travel a top speed of 63 miles per hour, were taken for a test drive in Beijing on Friday.  They can make right and left turns, perform U-turns, detect other vehicles and slow down all by themselves.  Incredibly, scientists have made sure they can also change lanes, pass other cars and exit and join motorways on slip roads.

The project began in the country in 2013 but with Beijing swamped in poisonous toxins this week, it remains unclear if the driverless motors can handle heavy smog.

The cars are not expected on roads in the UK until 2025.

By Bradley Jolly