Centracs Record

Econolite has reached a milestone with its 40th deployed Signal Performance Measures (SPM) system 12 months after launch. The system is available to transportation agencies through the Centracs Mobility platform. Over 1700 intersections are now deployed with the cloud-based, high-resolution solution.

The fast-growing deployments of Centracs’ cloud-based SPM solution are helping transportation agencies to provide seamless traffic flow, and allowing agencies to proactively optimize traffic signal timing, including automatic adjustment timing, according to real-time traffic conditions.

“From high-population communities such as Miami-Dade, FL, Harris County, TX, Phoenix, AZ, and Honolulu, HI, to smaller-scale transportation network communities including Centennial CO, Folsom, CA, and Gulf Shores, AL, agencies across North America are experiencing marked improvements in their traffic signal control operations and efficiencies,” said Kirk Steudle, Sr. Vice President, Econolite Systems. “Centracs SPM provides agencies with uninterrupted high-resolution data, continuous traffic monitoring, and extreme ease-of-use in implementing performance-based signal timing strategies and automatically optimizing signal programming based on real-time changes in traffic conditions.”  

Centracs SPM is a cloud-based high-resolution traffic data collection and analytics platform designed by highly experienced traffic control software specialists as a robust solution that enables cities to proactively sync traffic signal timing to maintain a smoother flow of traffic throughout their driving corridors. Econolite Centracs SPM solution is based on advanced optimization algorithms leveraging the Purdue Link Pivot analysis with Red and Green Occupancy Ratio. In fact, Centracs SPM can replace the traditional, costly, manual, and time-intensive process of retiming traffic signals, without being affected by increasing traffic count costs or limited by infrequent retiming intervals. Centracs SPM puts the agency in control of the process.

For more information, contact Persephone Oliver, VP, Marketing at poliver@econolite.com.