California’s Road Charge Pilot Project – Request for Proposals issued

D’Artagnan Consulting LLP (hereinafter called “D’Artagnan”) was retained by California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as the prime contractor to assist the Caltrans with formulation, design, management and implementation of the California Road Charge Pilot Program. A key element of the program is the California Road Charge Pilot Project, which will demonstrate and evaluate an operational road charge system with 5000 volunteer vehicles from Summer 2016 through Spring 2017.

This RFP follows from the vendor workshop that included participation of 32 companies from the US, Europe and Japan.

D’Artagnan requests proposals from vendors who wish to be considered for the following functions:

  • Commercial Account Managers: at least two (2) to provide automated account management functions.
  • State Account Manager: one (1) to provide end-to-end manual account management functions, including time-based road charge permits, mileage-block permits, and an odometer charge.
  • Three automated mileage measurement and reporting technologies:
    – OBD-II
    – Smartphone
    – Telematics

Note that at least one of the automated mileage measurement and reporting technologies procured must use general location to report only taxable miles (in-state on public roads).

  • Commercial vehicle mileage meter and account manager: one (1) to provide end-to-end account management functions and accompanying technology for commercial vehicles.

The attached link will allow you to access the two files corresponding to this RFP:

The Proposal Due Date is 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Friday 4 December 4, 2015. Submissions for this RFP must be submitted by that time to:

The RFP documents are being supplied to prospective bidders and are confidential for their bid purpose only and not for general distribution or release for any other purpose. D’Artagnan assumes no obligation of any kind for expenses incurred by a respondent to this Notice or the RFP package.

For more information contact Steve Morello, Senior Partner/Senior Vice-President, D’Artagnan Consulting LLP at or Jeff Doyle, Principal Consultant, D’Artagnan Consulting, LLP at