Brussels to host Intelligent Mobility for Smart Cities event this month

The emergence of new technologies is key to achieving sustainable mobility in smart cities. At the Intelligent Mobility for Smart Cities iMobility Challenge conference, experts from innovation companies and researchers will share latest ideas and developments in the field of intelligent mobility, sharing insights into how we will move around in cities tomorrow, and what future vehicles will look like.

The confirmed keynote speaker will be John Baekelmans, CTO at CISCO. Additional key speakers will be Rupert Fausset, Principal Sustainability Adviser at Forum for the Future; and Anders Eugensson, Director Governmental Affairs at Volvo Car Corporation. They will introduce respectively future trends on urban mobility and smart vehicles. View the agenda below for the full list of speakers.

On the same date and location, CLEPA, The European Association of Automotive Suppliers is organising an event “Driving the future of E-Mobility“. The workshop will take place right after the iMobility Challenge conference and it will start with the networking lunch jointly organized by the two events.

The agenda for the  iMobility Challenge conference including a full list of speakers can be found here.