Bosch and Mojio Debut Integrated Connected Mobility Solution for OEMs

A new jointly developed solution from Bosch and Mojio supports delivery of end-to-end connected mobility services through the integration of connected hardware, cloud platform, mobile apps, service ecosystem and data intelligence.

At the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Bosch and Mojio debuted an integrated connected mobility solution for OEMs. This new offering integrates Bosch’s connectivity control unit (CCU) with Mojio’s Telco-grade cloud platform, unlocking the ability for OEMs to launch and scale cost-effective connected services, while enabling the delivery of user experiences that enhance vehicle safety, reliability and convenience for their customers.

Increasing expectations from consumers can be at odds with the defined production cycles and high costs of digital transformation required to design, deploy and scale connected mobility solutions. Mojio’s agile approach to connected mobility has been a game-changer for speed-to-market and consumer satisfaction, delivering affordable, highly-reviewed connected car services to nearly a million drivers in North America and Europe through the company’s nine Mobile Network Operator customers, including Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile.

Together, Bosch and Mojio now provide OEMs and mobility providers with the flexibility to select the necessary cloud software components to enhance existing connected services, or the ability to leverage an end-to-end solution that accelerates speed-to-market, improves scalability and delivers on consumer expectations.

“With more than a billion unconnected cars still on the road today, industry collaboration is critical to accelerate the deployment of connected mobility services across the globe,” said Kenny Hawk, CEO, Mojio. “Together with Bosch, we’re addressing the key barriers that automakers face in building profitable connected mobility services – in turn, helping OEMs shift their focus towards the rapidly-evolving expectations of the global driving community.”

With secure access to advanced vehicle diagnostic and telematics data via the CCU, Bosch delivers deep insights about the vehicle’s status, health and performance. Mojio’s cloud platform, in combination with its white-label apps or mobile SDKs, transforms the information from the CCU into advanced connected car capabilities and highly-reviewed (4+ stars) user experiences that enhance safety for drivers and their passengers (roadside assistance, crash detection and eCall emergency response), provide vehicle owners with in-app monitoring and smart notifications (disturbance detection, GPS location, geofences, and stolen vehicle recovery), and make the car ownership experience more convenient – whether that means simplified parking and fueling services, access to usage based insurance policies, or seamless management of maintenance and repairs.

In addition to helping OEMs deploy connected services that deliver on consumer expectations, the integrated solution from Bosch and Mojio will also provide access to a big data analytics framework and business intelligence services that leverage deep learning methodologies and AI (artificial intelligence) to generate valuable insights for OEMs and their customers.

“With the connected vehicle as a central component to the future of mobility, we’re enabling new kinds of convenient services that are changing what it means to own an automobile.” said Kevin Mull, director, connected mobility solutions for Bosch in North America. “Jointly-developed with Mojio, this new solution will help OEMs accelerate deployments, enhance the customer value proposition and build profitable connected mobility services.”