BENTELER Engineering Services presents retrofitting program “Electric-Retrofit“

BENTELER Engineering Services, development partner with engineering experience across various market segments, has presented its program “Electric-Retrofit” at the trade show “Busworld” in Kortrijk. Turning buses with diesel engines into electrically driven vehicles is an attractive alternative to buying new zero-emission vehicles offering cost advantages to the operator.

When retrofitting existing buses, the original drivetrain is replaced by a special axle drive module in order to electrify the vehicle. For the modification BENTELER Engineering Services has chosen ZIEHL-ABEGG, a leading international company in the field of air and drivetrain technology, to deliver the axle drive module. The axle drive module of ZIEHL-ABEGG converts BENTELER Engineering Services presents retrofitting program Electric-Retrofit (H, C & E) 2015-10-21 image 2braking energy directly back into electricity (recuperation). Due to the replacement of the original drivetrain with the axle drive module most of the moving parts in the drive train are eliminated resulting in lower maintenance activities and service requirements.

After retrofitting the energy consumption is about 0.9 kilowatt hour per kilometre reducing operating costs significantly. This leads to an acquisition cost recovery within a reasonable timeframe. In addition to cost savings, Electric-Retrofit offers an environmentally friendly public transport for both urban areas as well as airports as exhaust and noise emissions are reduced. Electric-Retrofit has been developed for city buses of 10.5, 12 and 18 metres in length and buses for short distance transport at airports of 12 and 18 metres in length. The retrofitting projects will be operated by the Dutch subsidiary of BENTELER Engineering Services in Helmond.