At The Cutting Edge of Computing…

Autonomous vehicles have received a lot of industry attention lately for everything from safety systems and high definition mapping. However, there are many other intelligence-intensive technologies that need to be developed before the automotive industry can experience large-scale innovation, according to edge computing specialists FogHorn Systems, Inc: Many organizations are looking to edge computing as a solution for a variety of connectivity challenges, as it brings high-performance processing directly inside the vehicle rather than relying on remote data centers for critical command and control decisions, including luxury, high performance automaker Porsche.

To accelerate the innovation and performance of connected, as well as autonomous, vehicles, FogHorn participated in Startup Autobahn, a European innovation platform that connects leading automotive organizations with promising startups.

FogHorn Systems, Inc’s CTO Sastry Malladi
Chad Boulanger, Managing Director for AI EMEA, FogHorn Systems, Inc

CTO Sastry Malladi and Chad Boulanger, Managing Director for AI EMEA, talk to Kevin Borras HERE.