Associate Organisations Profiles

The organisations listed below are those with whom H3B has a close and collaborative working arrangement with. These organisations provide content, advice, industry insight and have between them a significant amount of international expertise. The list will continue to expand as new partnerships are formed.

Smart Transport Alliance

Founded in December 2014 and with headquarters in London, the Smart Transportation Alliance (STA) is a not-for-profit global collaborative platform for transportation infrastructure innovation across modes and the Smart City.

In the context of safe, sustainable and multimodal transportation systems, STA’s vision is the deployment of Smart Transportation Infrastructures connecting people and businesses.

A platform for knowledge management, STA’s mission is to lead and support activities improving the methods, technologies and standards associated to transportation infrastructures.


Polis is a network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport.

Since 1989, European local and regional authorities have been working together within Polis to promote sustainable mobility through the deployment of innovative transport solutions.

Our aim is to improve local transport through integrated strategies that address the economic, social and environmental dimensions of transport. To this end, Polis supports the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge between European local and regional authorities. It also facilitates the dialogue between local and regional authorities and other actors of the sector such as industry, research centres and universities, and NGOs.

Polis fosters cooperation and partnerships across Europe with the aim of making research and innovation in transport accessible to cities and regions. The network and its secretariat actively support the participation of Polis members in European projects. Polis participation in European projects allows us to create a framework which facilitates dialogue and exchange between local authorities and the transport research community.

H3B Media

H3B Media currently produce four highly respected International magazines: Thinking Highways Europe/RoW, Thinking Highways North America, Thinking Cities, and Tolling Review with over 70 International specialist writers, (creating the strongest editorial board on any transportation industry magazine anywhere in the world!).

These publications and much more is also available via the digital platform delivering online versions and a fully interactive multi-level knowledge-based website.

Special publications such as Connected North America supplement the published media.

Greening the Islands

connecting island innovations – is a global initiative that has been launched to spread the word about sustainable island projects and help them to be replicated in as many locations as possible.

The organisation brings together and nurtures a network of key actors working on sustainable innovation in the field of energy and the environment for islands and other remote locations: companies that produce innovative technologies, investors, local governments, institutions and the media. All these participants will be able to get touch, join online conversations and share documents and ideas through a professional, advanced system.

The “community of the islands” – provides a variety of communication and training tools for the network: live conference and event streaming, discussions, webinars and thematic forums. Different participants can be involved in initiatives that are particularly appropriate for their interests. The partnership between H3B Connected and Greening the Islands helps raise awareness about the project and its best practices in all the islands of the world and beyond.


IrRADIARE was founded in 1995 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Lisbon.

Three stages defined our journey: development, innovation and integration.
In a first phase, modelling, technology and optimisation solutions were developed. Those predominantly serve energy intensive sectors. Subsequently, innovative systems opened new responses to diversified challenges. Urban management, energy costs reduction, process safety optimisation, environment protection were among the target sectors. Currently, integrated approaches are deployed to support new visions on sustainability, development, competiveness and quality of life.

IrRADIARE in cooperation with ISG, launches post-graduation Smart Management. The aim of this advanced training program is to prepare high qualified human resources in management programs, strategies, partnerships, projects in the following topics: low-carbon economy, smart cities, sustainable energy, climate adaptation, mitigation and climate sustainability, resilience, revitalization, rehabilitation and urban innovation.