Alliance Calls for Action on Road Safety

An alliance of road safety organisations has written to the political parties asking them to “include road safety as an election pledge” within their manifesto, and to make a commitment from any future government to “reinvigorate efforts” with regard to road safety.

The letter is signed by representatives from AIRSO, IAM, PACTS, RoadSafe, Road Safety Foundation, Road Safety GB and RoSPA. It has been distributed to the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, DUP, SNP, Plaid Cymru, SDLP, UKIP, Green, Respect and Alliance political parties. The letter suggests that, with casualties beginning to rise again, “shifting (government) priorities are having an effect on our position as a global leader in road safety”. It calls on the Government to adopt the “safe systems and vision zero approach”, and to support the inclusion of a “global road safety target” to halve road traffic fatalities by 2030.

The letter says the “enormous commitment and willingness from road safety professionals” should be matched by “an equal determination from government to continue the effort to reduce death and injuries on our roads and to maintain the UKs high profile around the world in this area”.

Graham Feest who is the co-ordinator of the letter to the political parties said;

“We have taken our eye off the ball in terms of casualty reduction over the last few years and we are beginning to see casualty figures rise and therefore we must regenerate and resource a high level of activity so as to make further inroads towards reducing the pain and suffering which results for road crashes.

“With the run up to the general election we want people to challenge the prospective members of parliament on their doorstep campaigns about their commitment to road safety.

“It concludes with an offer to all parties to help them draft a manifesto statement, and provide “a range of options which should be considered for inclusion in future Government policy on road safety.”