All Systems GO Maut

Kapsch TrafficCom has officially delivered the modernized Austrian toll collection system for trucks to the ASFINAG operating team. The contract from November 2016 was completed successfully.

GO Maut 2.0 from ASFINAG, the Austria-wide toll collection system for vehicles of over 3.5 tons, is ready for the future. Since 2016, the Austrian technology group Kapsch TrafficCom has modernized roadside infrastructure at around 500 locations and at the corresponding central location (RSE proxy). The order was implemented with the greatest possible domestic added value. Almost all the core components including the application software in the toll collection technology have been developed by Kapsch employees and produced in-house at the production site in Vienna. Most of the participating subcontractors were also local companies. These included, for example, the companies Forster (steel construction), Mehler (control cabinet construction), B&R (industrial computers), DBP, and Eqos (installation services).

The roadside toll enforcement is now handled by control gantries where the technology is installed on only one gantry. In addition to direct debit tolling bars and cameras for license plate analysis, they also contain a state-of-the-art vehicle classification system. The vehicle classes and axle counts of the trucks are identified through high-resolution camera technology and stereovideographic image processing directly in moving traffic. This enables exact vehicle classifications independently of lanes or speed at any time of day and night. The newly designed Kapsch toll collection technology also contributes to more ecological toll collection: New energy-saving components for roadside toll technology will lead to a major reduction in the energy consumption by the Austrian toll collection system. “This makes electronic toll collection even more efficient while also significantly reducing the operating costs of the monitoring process,” said Bernd Datler, CEO of ASFINAG Mautservice GmbH.

The roadside migration of the 387 toll collection and 72 monitoring stations as well as the integration of 34 new toll collection and 4 monitoring stations into the new system were completed at the end of April. During and after this process, in-depth test phases took place to satisfy the high quality and safety standards set by ASFINAG. Expert assessors reviewed the system’s sophisticated quality parameters, which are all within the range of the specified levels. “Reaching this goal was the result of a six-month optimization phase, in which we could also discuss and implement good ideas for improvements together with ASFINAG,” said Thomas Reznicek, Area Sales Manager for Austria and Switzerland at Kapsch TrafficCom.

One of the factors in the successful completion of this order was the seamless collaboration with the project managers at ASFINAG headed by Markus Stotter, as well as the longstanding experience and expertise in completing large-scale projects of the Kapsch team managed by Dieter Groller.

The project in numbers

  • 387 toll gates modernized
  • 72 monitoring stations modernized
  • 34 new toll gates built
  • 4 new monitoring stations built
  • 6 main toll collection stations modernized
  • Commissioning of a site-redundant data center for toll enforcement and the processing of toll collection transactions
  • Establishment and set-up of a 24/7 technical operating center for toll collection and monitoring technology