All Plus, No Minus

Siemens Mobility Limited has announced that the first installation of its Plus+ traffic control solution will take place in Poole, Dorset, UK, ready for comprehensive on-street trials to begin in July. The system has been developed to deliver on-street resilience and reliability, as well as fast and cost-effective installation for both new schemes and major refurbishment projects.

Plus+ uses distributed intelligence with simple power and data cabling to increase intersection availability and reduce overall installation and maintenance costs. By drastically reducing the raw materials, cabling and people-power required compared to traditional systems, Plus+ supports minimised disruption during installation and optimised traffic flow on the UK’s increasingly congested road network.

Commenting on the announcement, Wilke Reints, Managing Director Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) for Siemens Mobility Limited, said: “Since first previewing Plus+ at Traffex over two years ago, our engineers have now developed the most advanced and cost-effective solution for resilient traffic intersections.

“With digitalisation, we are enabling mobility operators worldwide to make their infrastructure and networks intelligent and ultimately, to deliver an enhanced experience for road users and city dwellers”.

Martin Baker, Road Safety and Network Manager at BCP Council said: “We are very happy to support Siemens Mobility in trialing this latest exciting technology. We see the Plus+ system as a valuable addition to the portfolio of solutions we can use, helping us deliver new schemes more efficiently and with less disruption to the travelling public”.

Plus+ has been designed with dedicated failsafe signal heads and pedestrian indicators, as well as new smart loop modules to make sure that the overall system is tolerant of individual component and cable damage. This results in higher intersection availability and most significantly, reduced disruption to road users.

The modular Plus+ system is based on the proven ST950 controller platform and remains fully compatible with other key traffic control solutions such as above ground detectors, standard loop detectors and WiMag, if required.

As well as the advantages coming from the quicker and safer installation and the robust nature of the design, the Plus+ system also includes enhanced ‘self-checking’ and diagnostics which provides additional protection against false signals being shown on-street due to error or deliberate acts.