Aecom and Samsung among vendors in Singapore smart city plan

Arup, Aecom and Samsung SDS Asia Pacific have been appointed to find new ways of utilising digital technology within public housing within Singapore in the Smart Urban Habitat Masterplan (SUHMP). 80 percent of the population within Singapore reside within public housing, at which the project will aim to improve the liveability, effectiveness and sustainability of public housing. The Housing Development Board will oversee the project.
Chintan Raveshia, Arup’s Cities and Transit Development Leader said: “Singapore has constantly been at the forefront of smart city development, and there is no better environment suited to embrace the use of technology in homes. In partnership with the Housing Development Board, we hope to co-create smart solutions that will better the quality of life for Singaporeans.”
The partnership will work to identify various technologies and smart initiatives which will be sustainable and benefit local citizens. On their website, Arup has stated this “can include a variety of estate enhancing services such as smart community services and implementation of gamification tools to engage residents and foster closer community living”.
HDB’s Chief Executive, Cheong Koon Hean said: “We are living in a fast-changing urban landscape, with new planning issues to tackle and new housing needs to meet. We need new partnerships and innovative ideas to keep HDB moving forward”.