About H3B Connected


Our Extensive Pedigree

All H3B Connected’s highly experienced, internationally based domain experts have a proven track in successfully delivering a range of functions across the industry having operated at a senior level stretching over many years in a range of different blue chip and SME companies.

Our staff continue to be actively involved in international projects with key cities around the world where we maintain a direct involvement in the delivery of prestigious projects. This enables us to maintain an understanding how client thinking is changing, how future needs are shaping and how the supply industry is evolving to meet the integration challenges that the Smart City domain presents. This involvement ensures we maintain a leading edge understanding of current market trends.

We have been involved in disseminating knowledge on the latest offerings in the mobility market through our publishing of the highly respected titles Thinking Highways and Thinking Cities which have been in existence for over 10 years.

These publications contain in-depth articles on the latest innovative solutions being deployed globally in the industry. Through our direct involvement with the companies responsible for these innovative solutions, we have an unrivalled understanding of what is available as niche solutions within the mobility market. In many instances, these publications have been the first exposure the wider industry has had of what is being delivered by some of the most innovative companies.