A Revolutionary Partnership between Gett and assist-Mi

A new partnership between assist-Mi and Gett Taxi has been announced. The partnership looks to ensure more freedom and better independence for disabled travellers and improve understanding of the importance for having and promoting accessible taxis across London, as they are a lifeline to accessibility for so many people. the assist-Mi Smartphone app offers:

  • A guaranteed accessible black cab within 5 minutes of booking in London
  • Up to 30% discount on fixed price journeys over 6 miles
  • Consolidated receipts emailed once a week (helping with taxi reclaim at ATW etc)

TC - A Revolutionary Partnership between Gett and assist - image 2

The assist-Mi Smartphone app will improve daily life for disabled users, assisting them in getting to work, shopping and travelling so they can purchase goods and services, and fully engage with society.

assist-Mi uses a unique, patented combination of simple to use ‘Smart’ location-based technologies and two-way messaging, so service providers can anticipate an individual’s arrival and requests for assistance and purchasing goods and services can all be made, acknowledged and actioned in real-time.

For more information on assist-Mi and how you can download the app visit:  www.assist-mi.com

Read about Gett Taxi here: www.gett.com/uk