A Revolution in Motion

Dutch automotive engineering specialist e-Traction is set to launch TheMotion 2.0, a revolution in motion as it transforms the performance of existing electric truck and bus vehicles with a unique in-wheel motor design. TheMotion 2.0 follows e-Traction’s track record with many innovation achievements and awards. e-Traction acquired worldwide fame by successfully engineering direct drive in-wheel motor technology.

It’s now introducing a completely new developed next generation of its in-wheel powertrain technology which is more powerful, more efficient and smarter than the previous generation, making the total cost of ownership even lower. e-Traction and our integrated technology platform offers a revolution in motion.

This is a quantum leap in electric motor usage. With 80% fewer moving parts and a simplified drive chain, the in-wheel design saves 75% more energy than diesel engines, has a 94% efficiency rating from battery to the wheel, while it outperforms existing electric powertrain benchmarks by 15%. Fewer parts also means less wear and maintenance. The result is a smooth and noise free driving experience. With 20% more mileage, from an electric motor unit a fifth smaller than comparable designs, it provides a small footprint for optimum space utilisation. The result is a combination of factors that gives the e-Traction TheMotion 2.0 one of the lowest total cost of ownerships on the market. And of course: with zero emissions.

TheMotion 2.0 is on display, for the first time, at the IAA in Hannover (September 20-27) .