Kapsch Strengthens Greek Odyssey

Kapsch TrafficCom (Kapsch) has expanded its toll management footprint in Europe by equipping the state-of-the-art Olympia Odos Greek motorway with 30 free flow rebate stations. The contract has been awarded by the Canadian IBI Group (who has a contract with the Apion Kleos Construction JV of Olympia Odos) enlisting Kapsch’s ongoing technical support for service and maintenance, based on a yearly agreement.
Olympia Odos is one of the most significant motorway concessions in Greece, linking the cities of Athens, Corinth and the port city of Patras on the Peloponnese, via 202 kilometres of motorway. 
The planned upgrade will offer the first distance-based pricing model in Greece, available to all Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) users of Olympia Odos. The solution is based on the concept of providing a rebate to road users if they don’t travel the totality of the distance corresponding to an average distance charging zone (the current charging model). This new model is considered a ‘hybrid’ or ‘rebate’ system.
The new solution involves the development of thirty entry and exit ramps, equipped with full tolling and enforcement stations for detection and classification of passing vehicles. The journeys recorded by the Roadside Systems (RSS) paired with those recorded in conventional toll plazas will calculate the rebate amount.

Other motorway concessions in Greece are expected to adopt this hybrid tolling system and rebate model.